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Comprehensive testing for TMTA

Summer 2008 was marked by the large number of tests for vehicles, including for the purpose of obtaining the vehicle type Approval. One example of such work is to conduct field tests to verify the installation of mirrors on vehicles of category N3. These tests were carried out in Miass, Chelyabinsk region - the "homeland" of URAL trucks. For the successful conduct of such tests required a huge number of unique equipment, including landing a three-dimensional manikin to determine the H-point of the "average person" (terrible term) installed on the system photofixation.

Miass is known not only for cars the URALS, but also a large number of automotive companies on a smaller scale - the so-called "nastroyschikom" - organizations that use the Chassis of vehicles KAMAZ, URAL and their international analogues for the manufacture of specially adapted vehicles "vahtovom", workshops, "workweek" etc.

Capabilities of our laboratories fully meet the needs of automakers, but when you consider the fact that we can go to the company and to make tests of the car there, it is not surprising that the number of tests conducted vehicles is growing exponentially from year to year.