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Conducted a comprehensive road test of the climate

Complex testing is carried out for 6 months and "reserve" three climatic seasons: the harsh winter, wet, muddy spring and hot summer. Well tell you about a small time interval, which, in our opinion, was the most interesting for those 6 months.

Test team of the Group companies UTSEPS AT headed by deputy head of the incomparable Birindeevym VV reported the successful completion of environmental tests in the run-Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg Neryungri.

All objectives were met, the test carried out in full. We are now preparing a detailed report on the work done.

Dry figures

The number of days in the path 20 days. Distance traveled: 13 000 km.

During the run it has been defined technical limit operating loads in UHL climatic region Car Chevrolet New Sail.

Now lyrics

Practical experience of the climatic test the Chinese automotive vehicles of category M1. Make, model and manufacturer name, we do not give due to confidentiality. Personal opinion test does not always correspond to the harsh figures of official protocols. It is one thing - to carry out measurements and draw results - another thing to spend 4 months at the wheel of the car. The tests involved two cars of one model in China, distinguished between a bundle and engine capacity.

Ready, Set ...

Slush, dirt and never ending washing glasses - thats modern realities "de-icing" winter in the Urals. Now any temperature and - the amount of reagent is mostly on roads. To begin the test by checking the thermometer readings board. It is served cold. The temperature on the testimony of a certified thermometer drops to -28 ° C. Onboard car thermometer "number one" showed -30 ° C; "Number two" - 29 ° C. In principle, not bad for a household appliance. Cars, yes actually we, the testers were not ready for such cooling (forecast as always wrong). Unwashed body, frozen bags in salons, frosted machinery and equipment ... After the first night the car began to show their capricious Asian character.

Travel to the northern Ural Mountains of ownership has begun! Start the trip was quite successful, not only on the part of the low temperatures. At the entrance to the relevance of maps in Ivdel browsers leave much to be desired.

Cars are not only a good promorozilis but protryaslis a little disappointed with their sled possibilities. Away from Yekaterinburg, the talk was about the drivers seating position and uncomfortable too low, the motor neobkatannom "number one" and "number two". Suspension and ABS are not adapted to the soil and snow-covered roads - this fact makes a lot of representatives of the manufacturer to think, modestly sitting in the rear seats of cars and something quietly appear in his notebooks.

Lets go to the minus

First - 28 ° C. Do not open the door. Central locking flawlessly executes instructions, and a few times in a row. We note at once the absurdity of the control buttons on the cars key fob - buttons are pressed at the slightest touch, and when exposed to low temperatures, the body starts to creak fob in unison throughout the cabin of the Chinese car. Symphony of frozen plastic more of us never left (except for the first ten minutes after the car wash). It turned out that the frozen restraints (all !!!) door. On closer inspection it turned out, was to blame grease, which is not surprising - the machine is ready for operation in completely different conditions.

At the same time car maintenance "Iveco Daily" confidently overcomes the thermal barrier.

"Room visits" wound up only at -26 ° C, ie 4 hours after our awakening - is closer to dinner - quickly and without any problems. But the rest of the time at lower temperatures every morning we observed a similar picture: the frozen door, cursing drivers in motor address, starter and battery, "acidic mine" Chinese manufacturers.

"Number two" after the first night frost frozen quickly cranked mechanisms and cheerfully rattled surprisingly his "little brother". Henceforth, he never changed his starting manner. Problems with doors compared with the "number one". At lower temperatures, there are claims to the engine, the starter motor and possible battery. Changing the oil did not lead to an improvement in the situation.

One conclusion. The unpredictability of when the morning start at minus 30 and below there.

Warm up for 30 minutes

The essence of the measure is clear by name. Before starting the test the temperature set to maximum, the distribution of flows - in the position of "head-foot", the fan - to the middle position. Measurement of the temperature produced in the region of the head, the legs of the driver and the rear right passenger. Results. Engines satisfactorily heated, the oven is heated well. In place of the engine "number two" warming better than the "number one". The results are comparable and are within the statistical error. Windshield warmed slowly but surely. Half an hour - enough time AH warm interior and warming the windshield. What else do you want?

Distribution of streams

For these cars coolness in the head and heat in the feet - an unattainable result, but no one expects the car "super-economy class." Individually and coolness and heat in the cabin is fully achievable.

The motion picture is changing. How not to regulate the flow direction - heat or in the center (in the area of ​​the drivers face and right front passenger) or on top of the cars on the ceiling. Legs "blows" and becomes quite uncomfortable. You can live - but tired on a long journey. Coat, it is better not to shoot.

Here the most important thing - not to warm and properly mix streams to provide the necessary comfort to all parts of the body ... The conclusions are clear.

The movement is mournful whistle drafts from under the seals. It is blown so that the left shoulder of the driver has to wear extra warm clothes. Passenger - by right. Chinese Rear turned yellow, turned green and adopted the fetal position. Apparently there, in the back, not too sweet. The left leg of the driver "has frozen" to the clutch pedal - the right is ready to crack from the heat. Windows all delays at speeds above 60 km / h. Pausing for a few minutes, the glass immediately thawed. A bottle in the glove compartment freezes for one hour and twenty minutes.

A little bit about ergonomics

Good landing, good adjustment. Ergonomics "on four" (for this class of cars). Interior is quite roomy, but need to get used to a bit crowded to enter in winter clothes doorway. Too simple-drivers seat, spartan furnishings. Light appliances is not adjustable. Engine "of stars from the sky is not enough." Sharply felt the boundary between "going" and "does not go" (1300 rev / min). The route is convenient and economical. Pendants ... is, to say the least I can not - I will not curse, too. When the road (some no) begins and ends with the "Russian backwoods" makes it clear - here it (the car) the end. High vulnerability to serious irregularities. ABS is too sensitive to bad roads. This is a general description of two vehicles that differ only in the engine.


Choose the best car of the two, there is no sense, and that we will not do. These are two identical twins - one just on steroids. You can say this - a good car for the money.