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How to register a homemade trailer, motorcycle or trike?

There are a lot of "Kulibins" in Russia who don't want to buy "factory-manufacted" vehicles but made (or want to make) them themselves.

So, you have made (or plan to) a home-made vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle, trike or trailer for the car, and, of course, you want to exploit it on public roads legally. But how to "legitimize" it that there were no complaints from the traffic police? In fact it is not so difficult.

I'll tell you how to exploit a "homebuilt" on public roads on legal grounds


Russian passport (the manufacturer may only be a private person).
Documents for all number units that you use in the manufacture of your vehicle (engine, body, frame). It may be a contract of sale, certificate for the released assembly, customs declaration, etc. So, in other words, when you contact the traffic police you will need to confirm the legality of the acquisition of these units. If you are using a frame (or body) of your own making, the document does not need to be presented.
Finished vehicle in a good technical condition.



The first step is to obtain an identification number (VIN). Any vehicle must have an identification number (VIN) - and your vehicle is not an exception. In Russia there is only one authorized organization that can carry out this type of work.

In order to get the VIN you need to contact NAMI (Research Automobile and Engine Institute), Moscow in person or by e-mail. This requires to provide the application of a fixed form, two photographs of the vehicle (front view, side view), a copy (or a scan) of the passport (page 2,3 and 5). The procedure for obtaining VIN is paid-for. If the results of the vehicle identification are positive, it will give us a "certificate of assignment of identification number (VIN)».


The second step is getting SBKTS (certificate of safety design of the vehicle). After assigning an identification number VIN, you should contact an accredited testing laboratory authorized to carry out work on issuing SBKTS for compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of wheeled vehicles" 018/2011.

A testing laboratory will ask you the following documents:

  1. Application fixed form;
  2. Technical description (dimensions, equipment and gross weight, engine power, etc.);
  3. Certificate of VIN assignment;
  4. Russian passport.

A testing laboratory carries out the identification of the vehicle tested and, in case of positive test results,it draws up a Certificate of Motor Vehicle Safety. This procedure is also paid-for.

Also, it is necessary to manufacture and fix to the vehicle the manufacturer's plate containing the following information:

  1. name of the manufacturer;
  2. vehicle identification number;
  3. technically permissible maximum mass of the vehicle;
  4. technically permissible maximum mass on each axle of the vehicle, starting with the front axle (not indicated for motorcycles).

Typically, the cost of the plate does not exceed 200 rubles.


The third stage is the registration in traffic police. So, there is the last step - to apply to the traffic police for obtaining the vehicle registration certificate, the registration certificate and the number plate (this is all done at once).

You must take your vehicle to your nearest branch of  Interdistrict Registration-Examinational Office (whichever in the Russian Federation) for verification of numbers. You need to have the following documents with you:

  1. Russian passport;
  2. Certificate of VIN assignment;
  3. Safety Certificate of the vehicle structure;
  4. Documents on aggregates (if there are any);
  5. Certificate of OSAGO insurence *;
  6. Receipt for payment the registration fee *;

* Before calling the traffic police it is necessary to issue the insurance policy on your vehicle and pay the state fee for registration actions.

Here's all you need to in order to register your homemade vehicle.


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