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Testing and Certification - Safety certificate of vehicle design

Safety certificate of vehicle design

Safety certificate of vehicle design

Single vehicle now "the law"

Assessment of single vehicles at CU TR 018/2011

One of the forms of confirmation of compliance of vehicles is the safety Certificate of vehicle design (hereinafter SBKTS). Confirmation of compliance in the form SBKTS is required for single vehicles.

What vehicles are single

The list of vehicles that fall under the term Single
  • imported into the common territory of the Customs Union by a natural person for own needs;
  • imported into the common territory of the Customs Union legal entity pre-owned vehicles, provided that from the moment of their production has been more than three years;
  • manufactured in the member States of the Customs Union in the conditions of serial production, construction of which the manufacturer has made changes prior to release into circulation;
  • vehicles manufactured by an individual in the individual technical creativity.

What is needed to get SBKTS

The main criterion for selection of laboratories - accreditation

To obtain SBKTS, the applicant must contact the accredited testing laboratory included in the Unified register of certification bodies and testing laboratories of the Customs Union.

Testing laboratory to the CDE CU has the necessary accreditation and is authorized to perform all types of works on confirmation of conformity in the form SBKTS.


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Safety certificate the construction of vehicles (SBKTS) is a document certifying the conformity of the individual vehicle to the certification requirements of vehicles operating in the territory of the Customs Union.

According to the Technical regulation "On safety of wheeled vehicles" (TR TC 018/2011), “single vehicle is a vehicle manufactured on the territory of the Customs Union in terms of mass production, the construction of which individually changes were made before release into circulation or manufactured in the individual order of Assembly of the kit or are the result of individual technical work, or imported into the territory of the Customs Union a natural person for personal needs, or imported from previously admitted to participate in road traffic outside the Customs Union, or manufactured from previously supplied under the state defense order”.

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